Butterfly Care and Release instructions

Butterfly Care and Release instructions:
1) WHEN THE BUTTERFLIES ARRIVE: Butterflies are sent via overnight delivery to arrive the day before your event. Open the top of the package for ventilation and store the butterflies in a cool, dark place away from direct light until ready to transport to the event. This will keep them calm. If you have room in your refrigerator, place the cooler into the refrigerator (NOT FREEZER) overnight. Your only commitment is to keep the box in a cool, dark place until you are ready to transport them to your event. When transporting the butterflies, do not leave them in a parked car for more than a few minutes, especially if it is a warm day, and remember to keep them covered and away from direct sunlight.

2) TO RELEASE BUTTERFLIES INDIVIDUALLY: Open the top of the shipping container to expose the butterfly envelopes to light and allow them to warm (5 minutes if cooler day or less is necessary if the day is warm and sunny). This stimulates the butterflies and will make them active again. Then pass out the butterfly envelopes at the appropriate moment. The butterflies are released by simply unfolding the envelopes to open them. As soon as the envelope is open wide enough for the butterfly to flap a wing, the butterfly should take flight. The majestic butterflies will wing their way into the air creating a brilliant show-stopping splash of color. If they find nectar flowers in the immediate area they may even hang around for a while to delight you and your guests before going off to start a new lifecycle.

3) TO RELEASE BUTTERFLIES FROM A BASKET: Transfer the butterflies into a prepared release basket or other attractive release container. To remove the butterflies from the envelopes, gently hold the butterfly's body in place from the outside of the envelope at the thorax (where the legs are attached) to steady the butterfly inside the envelope and open the envelope flap with the opposite hand. Grasp the butterfly's wings between your thumb and forefinger just above the thorax and pull it free of envelope. While you should apply a firm, but gentle, touch, you need not be concerned about injury to the wings from touching them. The scales (coloring) do not affect its ability to fly. Transfer the butterflies to a basket BEFORE transporting to the wedding, and keep the basket covered (a towel) to shield them from light until arriving at the location. Warm them up prior to the release by exposing them to light (15 minutes if cooler day or less is necessary if the day is warm and sunny) OR they may be left exposed on display for the length of the ceremony if you wish, as long as they are not in direct sunlight. The light stimulates the butterflies and makes them active.

4) DURING THE RELEASE: As they emerge from their envelopes or release baskets, an appointed guest can read the words from the Indian Butterfly Legend below. Or you may certainly write your own dedication to provide a cue for the butterfly release. Then, enjoy the moment and celebrate the day. The butterflies certainly will.

We offer only the highest quality farm raised butterflies for release. We guarantee that you will receive your butterflies live, vibrant and healthy. Additionally, we include an extra butterfly per dozen purchased. In the unlikely occurrence that you find any problem with your order, notify us immediately and we will make every effort to immediately correct the situation or refund your money if not totally satisfied. If you see that the weather is going to drop the day before the wedding, give us a call and we will gladly cancel the order and refund the full purchase amount. We don't penalize you for Mother Nature's indecisions!

Our commitment to customer satisfaction does not end when you make your purchase, but only when you have experienced the everlasting joy of your successful butterfly release!

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