Frequently Asked Questions

***All orders are confirmed on "first-come first-serve" plan ahead!***
When should I place my order? Place your order at least 2 week in advance during April through July as these are popular months for weddings. During the rest of the year we require only 10 days notice for orders. We recommend you place your order as soon as possible to avoid any last minute disappointments. We take orders up to 1 year in advance.

How many butterflies should I order? The average order is 2 dozen per 50 guests. For an individual butterfly release you can order one per guest or couple, or select certain guests to participate, such as the wedding party and family. Or, releasing a several dozen butterflies at once from a basket by the bride and groom is also very attractive.

How warm does it need to be to release Butterflies? Butterflies will only take flight when the temperature is above 62 degrees, but the warmer the better!

What if I place an order, but the weather turns out bad? If you see that the weather is going to drop the day before the wedding, give us a call and we will gladly cancel the order and refund the full purchase amount. We don't penalize you for Mother Nature's indecisions!

Can I release butterflies at night? There must be at least 30 minutes of light left once you release them so they can find a place to roost for the evening. To find the exact time that the sun will set for your date and location visit

How do the butterflies survive shipping? Each butterfly is fed, exercised and carefully placed inside a glassine envelope for their safety. They are surrounded by soft padding and packaged in an insulated cooler with a "cool-pack." The cool temperature combined with minimal light keeps the butterflies calm and naturally inactive during shipping. Butterflies are sent via overnight delivery to arrive the day before your event. Each butterfly is fed, exercised. They are placed in a triangular envelope and packaged in an insulated cooler with a "cool-pack." The cool temperature combined with minimal light keeps the butterflies calm and naturally.

What should I do when my Butterflies arrive? Complete instructions on how to care for and release your butterflies will accompany your order, . When they arrive, simply place the shipping container in a cool, dark area so they will remain calm and inactive.

What happens to them after release? We ship butterflies the PAWB has approved for your area of the country so that only butterflies indigenous to your area are released. If you have flowers and host plants for the butterflies nearby, they may stay a while or even take up residency for the remainder of the season.

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