Catch that romantic moment in your wedding day with the beauty and wonder of a butterfly release. A release of beautiful butterflies at a wedding provides a unique and touching moment that will be remembered forever.

A buttefly release is a perfect way for you and your guest to celebrate your marriage. Butterflies have long symbolized new beginnings and major life changes. A butterfly goes through several stages of metamorphosis in its lifetime.
Butterflies definitely make wedding exceptional and memorable. The possibilities of incorporating butterfly release at your wedding are endless. you can be be as creative as you want!
What could be more romantic than being showered with live butterfly confetti as you walk down the aisle?
Imagine the magic moment it will create! the butterflies will certainly fill the air with love.
It will also be meaningful if you chose to release the butterflies after reading your vows or after you have been introduced to the congregation as husband and wife. A butterfly release during "the kiss" can be a beautiful finale to the church ceremonial rites.

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